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Together we bring future mobility closer


Why we do What we do

Connected Solutions through Open Innovation 

The Center of Exploration is a place where we identify, explore and validate new ideas and  business opportunities, driven by trends in our connected society. Therefore we are collaborating with practitioners and academia to develop innovative concepts that address the challenges of our customers.

The Center of Exploration is a place with a lot of energy, to accelerate the ideas all the way to market scalability. We engage with companies that are ready to find their role in the value chain, using the strengths of collaborative agile methods. Specifically to enable for smart mobility.

Crowd Ideation, Innovation and Exploration

The future is for those who can adapt to a fast-changing world. To enable that adaptability you have to work closer together and really create strong relationships.  We believe that you don’t have to own the technology yourself, what you need is easy access to scalability and fast practical implementation. With that approach, we create a more level playing field between all stakeholders and are open for innovation and new ideas.

Lets work together and be the springboard for innovation

With a little momentum, nothing is impossible. We prioritize speed and openness over slow and steady, speed meets scale, ideas meet actions, problems meet solutions, and opportunities meet the purpose.

Our Exploration Framework

Discover + Identify + Design

Validate Idea through ideation: Is there any evidence that the opportunity fits within one of our focus areas?

Incubate + Design + Test

Validate Value: Is there any evidence that the opportunity is desirable, feasible and viable?

Accelerate + Build + Scale

Validate Growth: Is there any evidence that the opportunity is valuable and scalable?

Center of Exploration Crowd Ideation Platform

Featured six-month theme for first half of 2021

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